• F30070M Telescope

    Model: F30070
    Material: Plastics
    Color: Silver
    Applicable age: ≥7 years old
    Optical aperture: 70mm (2.4′′)
    Focal length: 300mm.f/4
    Slant mirror: 90°
    Eyepieces: H20mm-15X, H6mm-50X
    Objective lens: 70mm
    Optical System: Refraction
    Magnification: 15x/50x (plus 1.5X for 22.5x/75x, plus 3X for 45x/150x)
    Telescope Length: 35cm
    Telescope Height: 46.5-56.5cm
    The height of the tripod: 38cm

  • F36050 Telescope

    Refractive / Focal Length: 360mm, optical aperture: 50mm
    Can set 60 times, 18 times, the mirror group plus 1.5x 90 times, 27 times.
    Theory Resolution: 2.000 arcseconds
    Main tube Color: Silver
    Box size: 440mm * 210mm * 100mm
    Model: F36050M
    Active Aperture: 50mm (2.4 “)
    Focal Length: 360mm.f / 7
    Oblique mirror: 90 °
    Tripod most highly: 34cm
    Standard 0.965 inches attachment contains:
    Eyepiece: SR4mm, H20mm, 3 times Barlow lens
    This item Maximum magnification: 90 times (lens focal length / eyepiece focal length * several Barlow multiples= maximum magnification ratio )

  • F70060 Telescope

    Model: F70060
    Focal length: 700mm
    Lens diameter: 60mm
    Magnification: 87.5x/ 175x/ 262x/ 525x
    Material: Aluminium alloy + Optical glass
    Focusing mode: Double wheel adjustment shaft
    Tripod max. height: Approx. 1.25m/ 4.1ft
    Dimension: Approx. 70x9cm/ 27.56×3.54″
    Aluminum tripod for height adjustment, quick and easy to set up, telescope easily removed for hand held use.
    Lightweight and durable aluminum construction, good choice for novice, glass optical components with high transmission coatings for enhanced image brightness and clarity.
    It makes a great companion at sporting events, under the night sky and easy to use.
    A perfect present for kids as a great way to open up the wonders of the universe to the aspiring astronomer.

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